Thursday, June 11, 2009

टंकी वंदना

जल दे
पानी दायिनी जल दे
घर घर के टब, जग, मग तक
सब भर दे।
खुश्क कंठ
पपडाए लब
तरसे घट घट को झट
तर कर दे।
तीक्ष्ण ताप हर
शीघ्र शाप हर
धरती के कण कण को
निर्झर कर दे
पानी दायिनी जल दे।
जल दे।


  1. necessity is the mother of invention........ so here comes a prayer for the 'omnipresent and omnipotent' water tank ! well done sir!

    nice to know that you remember your students inspite of the scores you've taught. some inspiration for me !

  2. Uttam !! Ati Uttam !! Bilkul aatma se nikli aawaaj hai !! :)

  3. Viyogi hoga pehla kavi,Aah se upja hoga gyan!
    Umad kar aakhon se chupchap bahi hogi sarita anjan!
    Nice,Aapki"Shrimadjalgeeta" ka ek aur panna achha laga.

  4. very relevant poem and it shows that Malva is facing acute problems of water.

  5. Bahut khub sir!it shows your thinking not for only yourself but for all. I salute this way of thinking.